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Taking care of a new born baby is not a cakewalk, and for first time parents, it's even more difficult. New mothers need to struggle a lot with their postpartum body and new born baby. The first time mother doesn't know the signs of a hungry and sleepy baby.  Children's specialist in Gurgaon and NCR educate the new parents about upcoming challenges after the birth of babies.

To better understand the newborn baby care, the expected parents from NCR must search for the best children's specialist in Gurgaon and NCR. A few sessions before delivery will make the new parents ready to take up new challenges.

The couples can also discuss with their gynecologist about the best new born or preterm baby specialist in Gurgaon and NCR. In the NCR region, the expected parents can find world-class doctors who can guide them well about new born baby care. We have also compiled a few tips that will help you to soothe a new born baby.

Tips for New Parents to Care New born babies

Taking care of new born babies and understand their need when they cry is difficult for new parents. The new born babies are too small and fragile; moreover, when they cry, the new parents could not understand why they make the babies unattended. According to a famous preterm baby specialist in Gurgaon NCR, the new parents living in the nuclear family prefer to rush to the doctor as soon as the baby cries. Here a few tips that can make a crying baby comfortable. Follow the tips given here before rushing to the doctor;

Holding a New born Baby

Your new born baby is so delicate that you scare of dropping him every time you have him in your arms. If you want to hold your little bundle of joy but couldn't do it as you are scared, then don't worry. You are strong enough to have a baby in your arms. Moreover, the baby too feels safe when he feels that he is surrounded by strong support.

When you hold a newborn baby, you will have to keep in mind that the baby's neck needs support. So put one of your palms to support the neck. Always pick the baby slowly and don't be in a hurry to hold him.


New mothers are always curious about the best way to calm down the baby. Feeding the baby is the best way to calm him down when he gets up between his nap or trying to sleep. Breast milk is the best way to provide nutrition to new born kids, and it also helps mothers feel light.

New mothers can discuss the best way to feed the baby. They can also help a feeding pillow support the baby when the mother cuddles the baby and feeds him. Their bond becomes stronger.


One of the scariest jobs for new parents to give bath this little creature. For the first few days, until the mother feels healthy, it is best to ask for help bathing the baby. Choose the right products for the baby. The shampoo, cleanser, and lotion all should be made for the babies and gentle on their skin. When you take your baby to the bath, keep all the essential things in one place. You must not keep the baby without clothes for a long time irrespective of the season (warm or cold).

Soothing a Baby

Another most difficult job for new parents is to soothe a crying baby. For this, you can hold the baby on your sides. Swing them slowly or allow them to suck. Do check the diaper if the baby is crying again and again. Sometimes diaper rashes can be the reason that makes the baby uncomfortable. You can play some tunes too that can calm down the younger babies.


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