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Have you delivered your angel before the arrival of the 37th gestational week? Then the baby will be termed as a preterm infant. Preterm births can be due to different reasons. These include medical reasons as well as certain social determinants.

Take a look at some of the reasons for preterm births:

  • The age of the mother can be one of the factors. Women who conceive after the age of 35 years and before the age of 16 years are at risk.
  • Poor living conditions and too much physical exertion may also be one of the social determinants.
  • Medical conditions like certain infections, twin pregnancies, chronic illness are also some of the reasons for preterm births.

The first thing that women who deliver preterm infants must do is connect with one of the best new-born Child specialist in Gurgaon NCR.

Medical problems that preterm infants may face:

Preterm neonates may face different medical complications. This is because the preterm child may find it difficult to adapt to the extrauterine environment. Here are some of the medical conditions that preterm infants are likely to face:

1. Respiratory conditions like:

  • the respiratory distress syndrome
  • The incomplete development of the lungs can lead to a condition called apnea. This can cause oxygen deficiency in the blood.
  • Bronchopulmonary dysplasia which affects the breathing function of the preterm neonates

2. Neurological conditions like intracranial haemorrhage due to preterm labour
3. Cardiovascular conditions like:

  • In preterm neonates the ductus arteriosus fails to close, and it leads to a condition called Patent Ductus Arteriosus
  • There could be issues in maintaining normal blood pressure
  • A slow heart rate that is Bradycardia
  • The infant may also face congenital malfunctions

    4. Haematologic issues:
  • The preterm infant can face the problem of anaemia
  • Issues like dehydration which can lead to an increase in the bilirubin count in the body. This will lead to a condition called Hyperbilirubinemia

5. Gastrointestinal problems like:

  • Poor gastrointestinal function
  • Necrotizing Enterocolitis

6. Metabolic and endocrine problems like hypocalcaemia and hypoglycemia

7. Central nervous system problems like Hypoxic-ischemic Encephalopathy and seizures

8. Renal system-related issues:

  • Renal Glycosuria
  • Severe case of oedema
  • Hyperkalemia which is a severe electrolyte disturbance

Connecting with a neonatal specialist is of utmost importance:

If your baby is a preterm baby, then it is time to find the best New-born Child specialist in Gurgaon NCR. A neonatal specialist will provide the right treatment and care to your new-born preterm baby.

The specialist will check if the baby is suffering from any birth defects or breathing disorders. They will also check for any infections or whether the baby is critically ill. The specialist will provide all the assistance that you need for the proper growth and healing of the preterm baby.

Sometimes the baby may leave the mother’s womb before the body of the baby is fully developed. If the preterm baby is facing any medical issues, then it can be a challenging situation which only the best specialist can resolve. So, make sure that you consult only one of the topmost new-born specialists in your city.
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