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An infant looks so fragile that new parents scare it holding it in their arms. It is the time when a baby is exposed to nutrition from milk. According to WHO, the first three years are the most important years for a child to get proper nutrition.  According to the child specialist in Gurgaon and NCR, new parents need to take extra care to offer nutritious food to their kids for the first few years as it will reduce the risk of chronic disease for the rest of their lives.

For the first six months, breast milk is the best source of nutrition for an infant. Child specialists in Gurgaon and NCR and all over the country urge the new mothers to feed their babies. It is the best nutrition source for kids for the first six months.

Pediatricians in Gurgaon & NCR also suggest formula milk in a few cases as an alternative to breast milk. Infants need to depend on the milk to get all the required nutrition, so you must check the appropriate formula milk child specialist before buying one.

Why is Feeding Important for Infants?

In the first three years, a kid's nutrition creates a base for him to fight against chronic diseases. All the pediatrician in Gurgaon & NCR suggests new mothers give breast milk to their babies. In some cases, due to complications, if breast milk is not available for a newborn, then it can be replaced with formula milk but only after the consultation with doctors. Let's understand why breastfeeding is important for infants;

  • Breast milk offers all the required nutrition to the baby. It also changes according to the baby's needs. In the first six months, the babies' have speedy growth. A small tiny creature starts to respond to voices and tries to express their emotions too. So the baby needs all the nutrition to give a pace to their growth.
  • Breast milk is the natural source of all the nutrition that a baby needs. It has calcium, fat, iron, protein, and zinc too. Another big reason for WHO and all the medical bodies to promote breast milk to the infant is, it comes in organic packaging. Plastic packaged food has become a headache for us. By promoting breastfeeding, we can at least save small babies from this plastic.
  • Breast milk has calcium that helps to make the kids' bones and teeth stronger. The fat present in breast milk helps the mind to develop. It also makes the skin and hair of the baby stronger. Protein and carbs present in breast milk work as fuel for the baby's body.
  • An infant needs iron, too, and breastfeeding kids must get iron supplements after consulting with a child specialist in your area.
  • Breast milk not only helps the infant to grow but also helps the mother to burn the excess fat. While breastfeeding the baby, the mother releases certain types of hormones. These hormones help the mother to lose weight.
  • Breastfeeding brings new mothers, and newborn kids close, and it helps the kid to identify his mother. The bond that starts from the womb of the mother gets stronger while breastfeeding the baby.

Infant Feeding tips to Mothers

For a mother, it is tough to identify if her little one is getting adequate nutrition or not. The breastfeeding mother needs not to worry for the first six months as their milk offers all the required vitamins and nutrition to their kid. The mother who is to depend on formula milk to feed their baby need not be worried. The formula milk is made of cow milk, and it is made close to formula milk. Formula milk also has carbohydrates, all the essential vitamins for new kids, and other nutrition. It is the right of all newborn babies to get all the required nutrition. New parents can discuss with a child specialist before offering formula milk to their kids.
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