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Premature babies and neonates who are born with some sickness will need specialized care. It is important to understand that neonate’s health issues have to be managed very carefully. It is important that the parents seek advice from a specialist who can handle all issues related to new-born care.

Keep in mind there are different levels of new-born care:

Newborn Child specialist in Gurgaon will tell you that there are different levels involved in neonate care. The level of care that the new-born will need will depend on factors like the overall health of the baby, the specific needs of the baby, complications in the health of the neonate, etc.

Based on these factors, the newborn Specialist in Gurgaon will tell the parents whether the baby needs low-risk new-born care or specialty new-born care, or subspecialty care. These levels are also referred to as level 1, level 2, and level 3 care.

Here are some important details about the different levels new-born care:

Level 1 or low-risk care:

In this case, postpartum care is provided to the mother and the new-born baby. Hospitals providing low-risk care will evaluate the overall condition of the baby. If required, the hospital will transfer the baby to a specialty unit. If all is well then, they will provide all the care that the mother and baby need until they are discharged from the hospital. Most of the reputed hospitals provide low-risk care, and they have newborn Child specialists in NCR who will check if all is well with the new-born baby.

Level 2 or specialty care:

The hospitals that offer specialty care will offer low-risk care, and they will also offer a number of other extra services. The newborn child specialist in Gurgaon who is attached to these hospitals will provide care to high-risk mothers and to neonates who are suffering from any health complications. These hospitals provide care to premature babies and babies who are born with less weight at the time of birth.

These specialty care hospitals have neonatal intensive care units that is NICUs. The neonatologist and newborn Child specialist in NCR provide treatment to the neonates who are shifted to these NICUs. If the new-born child is very sick, then the specialty care hospital will shift the neonate to a subspecialty hospital.

Level 3 or subspecialty care:

These hospitals will provide care to neonates of all risk categories. The neonates who are treated in subspecialty care are those who are born with birth defects or ones who need complex care after delivery.

Premature neonates who are born in less than 32 weeks of pregnancy and babies who are born with a weight of fewer than 1500 grams will also require care in the subspecialty unit. The best newborn Specialist in Gurgaon will provide treatment to the neonates admitted in subspecialty care.

Neonates require utmost care, and if the baby is born premature or is underweight, or is born with health complications, then the neonate will have to be provided specialized care. In such cases, hospitals providing low-risk care will not be able to provide all the care that the baby needs. In such cases, the baby will have to be transferred to hospitals providing specialty care. 

You have to ensure that you choose a hospital that has the best neonatologist who provides the best care. You want to provide the best care to your new-born baby then choose a hospital which is known to provide the best care to neonates and have all the facility to provide the best treatment to your new-born child.
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