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You have gone through the labor pain as a mother while bringing a new life on this earth. It is important to consider a Best Newborn & Child specialist in Gurgaon/Gurugram & NCR.

The professional nurses in the childcare centers help you to take care of the baby. A newborn baby brings a bundle of joy to the family. Bonding and Soothing are the pleasurable moments in the initial hours of a baby’s birth.

Physical and emotional connection with the baby is important for growth. The father and mother of the baby should give skin-to-skin holding while feeding and cradling.

When you should take your newborn to the child specialist?

Becoming parents for the first time is a rewarding and hectic experience for every couple. You have no complete idea as to how to handle the baby. The Best Newborn & Child Specialist in Gurgaon/Gurugram & NCR provides specialized care to infants. You need a newborn specialist to take care of the baby. 

Who are the Newborn Specialist & their role?

Like for the specialists, a child specialist is a trained physician/doctor to care for the newborn babies. The role of pediatrics provides care to infant babies in critical condition.

The child specialist can solve the health-related issues of your baby. On the other hand, the neonatologist provides the best medical care to premature babies.

Your premature baby needs special care then you can approach the neonatologist in Gurugram and NCR regions. 

How should you handle a newborn baby?

You have not spent much time with the babies. Then, it is difficult for you to handle them for the first time. In Newborn Specialist in Gurgaon/Gurugram NCR, the doctor and nurse help you how to manage your child. Furthermore, you should know the basics to handle your newborn as a parent.

  • Wash your hands with soap or sanitizer before handling your newborn child 

The infants do not have a strong immune system. You should keep a sanitizer with you. Before handling the child, you have to wash your hands. It will keep the baby safe from bacteria and germs. Make sure, everyone who comes to meet the baby should clean his or her hands. 

  • While Carry the baby Support the neck and head of your infant

You should support the neck and head of the baby. It is important to do when you are laying down the baby and carrying the baby upright. 

  • Newborns are not ready for rough play to remember that

You should not involve the baby in the rough baby act. The newborns are sensitive are not ready for a rough play like thrown in the air. You should be careful while playing with the child.

  • Whether in frustration or playing, don’t shake the baby

Shaking the baby is harmful for the baby as it causes bleeding in the brain. However, it can lead to the death of the baby. You want to wake the baby then do not shake him or her. Just tickle on your feet gently to wake up your baby. 

When you should need the child specialist care for the baby?

You have a concern regarding your baby if your baby faces any medical conditions. Then, you should visit the doctor with the baby.

  • You will find changes in the sleeping, peeing, and eating habits of your baby.
  • The baby may face breathing issues like trouble and pauses in breathing.
  • Do your baby is facing severe cold, fever, and vomiting issues?
  • In the last few days, you realized sudden skin changes in your baby’s skin. The baby’s color of skin turned yellowish around the eyes.
There is nothing wrong with your baby then you can consult the doctor. You can take suggestions from your family and friend to find out the Newborn Specialist in Gurgaon/Gurugram & NCR. Then, you can take an appointment with a child specialist. 
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